Soccer Registration Page

2020 Outdoor Soccer Registration

The upcoming soccer season begins in May 2020 and runs to the end of June 2020.

Season information for each age group is as follows:

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Please note that a number of player registration policies have been standardized across the EMSA North Zone in an effort to harmonize registration practices and fees between communities. These policies have resulted in changes to the Highlands registration process, including the volunteer commitment required, and are in-effect for all player registrations for the 2020 outdoor soccer season. Please see the new policies for volunteer deposit amounts, late registrations and refunds.

There are two parts to the player registration process:

  1. Online registration: completed on the EMSA North website
  2. Community registration, where you will pay any outstanding fees and select your volunteer commitment to complete the registration process.

Community registration sessions for the 2020 Outdoor Season are at the Highlands Community Hall (6112 113 Ave) on the following dates:

  • February 25 (Tuesday) from 6 to 8pm
  • March 1 (Sunday) from 10am to 1pm
  • March 4 (Wednesday) from 6 to 8pm
  • March 8 (Sunday) from 11am to 2pm

Please bring the following to one of the sessions:

  1. A copy of your current Community League Membership (Memberships can be purchased at the community registration session or ahead of time: check out the Membership page for your options).
  2. Proof of player’s age and address.
  3. Registration fees, if not paid online. Fees can be paid at the community registration session by cash, cheque or credit card.
  4. A $250 refundable volunteer deposit cheque per player.

***You must attend a community registration session or register at the EMSA North office to complete the player registration process. Office location and hours for the zone office are found on the EMSA North website.

Please note the following:

  1. The Highlands community registration process is only for players living in the Highlands, Abbotsford, Beacon Heights, Bellevue, Beverly Heights and Central McDougall communities. If you want to play for Highlands but live in another community, you must register in your home community through the EMSA North website and may then request a player transfer to Highlands. Per EMSA North policy, transfer requests are evaluated based on space and player history on a team.
  2. Registrations are considered on a first come, first served basis. If a team or age group does not have enough registered players or volunteer coaches they will be transferred to another neighbouring community soccer program.
  3. Refund information can be found on EMSA North’s policy page.


A $250 volunteer deposit is required for each player that is registered. Late registrants will also be assessed an additional volunteer deposit. You will select your desired volunteer activity when you attend the community registration session.  Examples of volunteer opportunities include:

  1. Acting as a team official (coach, assistant coach or manager). Parents who volunteer as head coaches are given credit towards the registration fee for the child whose team they are coaching.
  2. Helping with basic maintenance at the Highlands Community Hall (cleaning, organizing, snow removal, yard maintenance, etc).
  3. Volunteering at a community event (Pub Night, Christmas Potluck, etc).
  4. Help at a community casino.
  5. Help at a youth soccer tournament or at the EMSA North office.
  6. Other HCL volunteer opportunities are available. Please contact our Volunteer Director to find out more.

Highlands Community League is required to provide a select number of volunteer commitments to EMSA North to run a community soccer program. Volunteers for these positions must be allocated in order for Highlands to register all of its teams for the 2020 outdoor season.

If you do not show up for your scheduled volunteer activity, your volunteer deposit will be cashed. Highlands Community League is currently reviewing its volunteer commitment process. An updated policy will be provided to all parents at the community registration sessions. If you have questions about the volunteer process, please contact the Volunteer Director.

If you have any questions please contact Tyler Wightman, Highlands Community Sports Director, at