Draft Bylaws Open House

Draft Highlands Bylaws Open House – April 30

We’ll be hosting an open house on April 30 from 7-8pm at the Hall to accept feedback on the draft bylaws to be presented at the May 25 AGM for our members to vote on.

Download the Draft pdf copy for review [pdf]

*Please note that formatting and styling will be updated before the AGM.*

Why are we updating our bylaws? 

EFCL has updated their bylaw template and since the Highlands CL bylaws have not been revised since 2017, we thought it was time to do a refresh!

What’s changed:

  • Quorum at a general meeting has changed from a % of membership to a set number of people. Membership numbers fluctuate monthly and this allows for consistency and transparency around quorum
  • A minimum (7) and maximum (16) number of board members have been included to allow for effective board operations
  • The financial audit process has been expanded on. We have structured it at a minimum of one of the following will occur:
    • Community review may occur every 4 years
    • A full audit must occur every 4 years
    • Notice to reader (NTR) must occur every 2 years

What’s been added: 

  • Use of secret ballot and in-camera meetings
  • A Board Member Code of Conduct appendix that must be signed annually by all board members.

These proposed bylaws will be presented at the May 2024 AGM to be voted on by current Community League members to adopt.

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