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To become a full member of the Highlands and District Community League, you must live within the league boundaries: East of 67th street, North of the North bank of the North Saskatchewan River, West of 50th street and South of 118th Avenue.

Associate memberships are also available. Associate members may participate participate in community league events, programs, and sports, but do not have voting rights.

Hockey registrants pay a Community Corporate Community League Fee through their hockey registration process and should obtain a receipt to present to your community league to obtain your membership card.

 *For all recreational and attraction facilities, you must show your valid league membership card.

Membership FAQ

What Benefits Does Membership Provide?
What Does the Community League do?

The Highlands Community League help build a strong, diverse and proactive community by acknowledging and responding to the needs of our members.

  • We maintain the outdoor skating rinks.
  • We are the voice of the community with City Hall
  • We work with the City of Edmonton to provide summer and playground programs and other opportunities.
  • We organize, coach, and host children’s indoor and outdoor soccer, tennis, gardening club, children’s wading pool and green shack program, canine training, and other surprise offerings to be announced soon. Please see website for timely information on League Happenings
  • We organize fun all-inclusive events throughout the year.
  • We own and maintain the community hall.
What are our current big projects?

Community League Building Redevelopment

Where do we get our funding?

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How do I find out what is happening in the community?
How can I become involved?
  • Come to a Highlands Executive Board meeting and learn more about the league and your community.

  • Fill out your membership card with a list of your skills that you are willing to gift to the community.

  • Volunteer! Consider helping at an event, joining a committee, leading a program through the league that you are interested in and feel is of value to the community, or consider joining the board. Whatever your interest, send an email to Your community spirit will always be welcomed.

I want to volunteer. Now what?

Do you have an interest in some of the activities already mentioned or would you be interested in starting a new project to enhance the Highlands? Together, we may be able to make your concept a reality.

We want you to feel welcome, and the community will benefit from your contribution.

All community league members are welcome at the Highlands Executive Board meetings! Check out this months meeting date.

To add an agenda item, make an inquiry, present an idea or volunteer for the Executive Board, please contact the President of the Highlands Community League at

Where can i find other information

The Highlands Community League has several sources of funding for different initiatives and projects.

  • Our Fall Membership Drive is an important fundraiser. High membership helps us obtain more external funding.
  • We apply for grants through the City of Edmonton and the Province of Alberta.
  • We host a casino every two years.

Membership Contact

If you are interested in more information regarding membership please contact our Membership Director at

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