Connected Highlands

Neighbours are a unique social relationship, tied together by living and taking responsibility for their shared place. Connected neighbours work together to create spaces and opportunities to contribute to each other’s well-being. As connections grow, so do possibilities and opportunities for sharing gifts, skills and interests with one another.

Connections happen naturally as we wave hello, while out on a walk, or when taking our garbage out. They also happen when we intentionally plan ways for neighbours to connect. This might look like organizing block socials or neighbourhood events. Or, creating and supporting neighbourhood bumping spots like our parks, business district, and other local amenities.

Connected Highlands is a Community League initiative that intentionally works to cultivate a culture of care and connection, increase the sense of belonging and inclusion, and ultimately create a more healthy and livable city – one block at a time.

Connected Highlands builds on the principles and practices of community development and starts from the belief that every individual in a neighbourhood has gifts, skills and interests to contribute. As neighbours become actively engaged, they build a great place to live, work and play. 


Block Connectors

Connected Highlands supports neighbourly connection by working toward the goal of having a block connector on every block.

A Block Connector is a resident of Highlands Neighbourhood who is inspired to connect with their neighbours. It’s an attitude! A Connector uses their individual strengths to build connections that in turn, can inspire other neighbours to use theirs, promoting neighbourliness!

Block Connectors volunteer on behalf of the Community League to be a point person on their block to help out with tasks like: informing block neighbours about neighbourhood events and opportunities; ensuring every household is offered a community league membership; inspiring the block to organize a block social; gathering neighbours to welcome someone new on the block; and, learning about the unique strengths, interests and passions of their block neighbours.

Highlands Connector Coordinator team

The Highlands Community League has assembled a small group of neighbours to be our Connector Coordinator team (Carmen Lawrence, Rebecca Breen, Amber Benders, Tessa Stamp) who: 

  • Identify and support Block Connectors to build neighbourly relationships on their block, 
  • Work with the Community League Board to activate the gifts, skills and interests of neighbours. This might look like connecting people who share similar interests and linking neighbours to groups both existing and newly formed  (e.g. walking group, At Home in Highlands, Community Garden),
  • Work with the Community League Board to develop creative ways to learn, collate and share information on the resources of the neighbourhood (e.g. gifts & skills of neighbours, local businesses & organizations, physical infrastructure).
"Our block connectors discussed hosting a free morning of coffee for neighbours to connect. Some fresh baked cinnamon buns to share with their neighbours and the other brought their espresso machine to sling coffee. 25 neighbours both new and old joined for a lovely morning of coffee and new friendships."
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