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Highlands Pump Track Concept Report April 2024

Download the report from the City of Edmonton

What We Heard (survey results Fall 2023) report

Concept drawings were shared with the community in Fall 2023 and Highlands residents and stakeholders were invited to provide feedback to refine this concept and vision. This report lists the engagement activities carried out during this Concept Phase and summarizes the feedback received.

Questions from the Oct. 10 Board Meeting

Residents had a number of questions about the pump track project. These are the responses.

Project background

The Highlands Pump Track project was initiated in Fall 2022 by Highlands Community League and, therefore, is still under the City of Edmonton’s Neighbourhood Park Development Program (NPDP). The project proposes that a small-scale pump track be built on the southeast side of the Gaby Haas Park site. 

The project vision: an inclusive amenity that is safe, accessible and allows for participation for multiple ages and physical abilities. 

As part of the sunsetting NPDP program’s partnership model, the community and City work together to deliver projects based on needs identified by the community. These projects help community groups make positive changes in their neighbourhoods. 

During the Strategy Phase, The Highlands Pump Track sub-committee completed the initial engagement (needs assessment) in November 2022. The needs assessment showed community support for the project idea, with 87% of respondents supporting the project idea. The Strategy Phase was completed in December 2022, when the sub-committee completed their proposal, business case and Public Engagement Plan for the project.  

Below are the documents from the initial engagement that allowed us to apply for the NPDP grant before the city closed this opportunity forever. We realize that there were people missed in initial engagement, and there are more opportunities to share your feedback coming.


Project documents

Next steps

The Building Great Neighbourhoods Branch is currently overseeing a design consultant who is working on draft high-level concept drawings that, once complete, will be shared with the community for meaningful feedback. The Public Engagement Plan completed by the sub-committee identifies multiple opportunities for community feedback throughout the project phases and the Neighbourhood Resource Coordinator for Highlands Community is working closely with the group to support them with this process.

If a concept design is supported through engagement, the concept plan is finalized and the preliminary design phase begins. In the NPDP framework, the community is responsible for fundraising for a project. Any amenities completed under the NPDP framework enter into the City’s inventory for operation and maintenance upon completion. Design will not progress to construction until fundraising for the full budget has been achieved.

If constituents have questions, they are welcome to contact the Community League at info@highlandscommunity.ca or through the League’s General Inquiries page.

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