Adult Hockey

Men’s Adult Hockey 2021

There WILL BE A VACCINE MANDATE in place for participation (with reasonable alternative accommodations), as per the new Provincial guidelines. We will also be following precedent set by the ASHL, as well as the advice of the EFCL and the Alberta Human Rights Commission. 

Season: 22 ice times beginning October 7, 2021. 
Time: Thursdays 9:15-10:30pm
Location: Russ Barnes Arena – 6725-121 Avenue

The full list of protocols required to participate are:

  • Proof of vaccination, or a negative COVID test. The test must be a privately-paid COVID-19 PCR or rapid test completed within 72 hours of the game, and cannot be from AHS or Alberta Precision Laboratories.
  • Community League membership (free this year!)
  • A signed waiver
  • No guests or part-time participants are allowed
  • Masking in the dressing rooms before and after games is required, as per City guidelines (not required on the bench)
  • Attendance/Contact tracing done through the Team Cowboy app

Cost for the full season is $300, with goalies exempt. Please send an etransfer to: 

Space is limited! We can only accommodate 30 skaters in addition to our goalies. Send questions and expression of interest to: Mat Neuman. Ready to go? Send your application and waiver in. 
Stay safe!

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