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The Highlands Community League Facebook page – HIGHLIGHTS – is a public page where the community league can share news and information with the residents of Highlands and our neighbours in Bellevue and Virginia Park.

Policies for posting on our facebook page:

We welcome our neighbours to share photos, ideas and news that would be of value to our entire community, and to network with others who live in our three communities.

We also welcome our business community and recreation facilities/clubs to post *special events they may be holding, but we ask that you refrain from including any price points. (*Please, no sales events.)

If you are a neighbouring community league and are hosting an event or festival that you feel our neighbours would enjoy attending, please feel free to post on this page.

While we respect everyone’s right to their personal opinion, we remind everyone that this page is owned by the Highlands Community League and is first and foremost a community page. As such, we have rules and regulations in place to ensure that it remains so.

We kindly ask that you refrain from posting/commenting harmful, inflammatory or unsubstantiated accusatory comments on this page, whether to a person or group. This page is not an open forum for promoting or advancing personal causes or agendas.

We are also a non-partisan page, so please refrain from posting/commenting any political or religious support messages or attacks on individuals or other organizations, non-profit or otherwise.

We also ask that you refrain from tagging other people in any photos you may post on this page, as we wish to keep the privacy of all our residents.

We have a moderator in place who will review all comments and posts to see if any are deemed offensive or not applicable to the community or spirit of this page.

If there is a need to remove or edit a post, our moderator will do so at his or her discretion, and depending on the post or comment, may or may not contact you. If there are repeated offenses, the person or persons will automatically be blocked from this page without warning and without contact.

If you have been blocked, you may send an email to the president of the community league requesting to meet with the community league board, during one of its regular monthly meetings, to discuss your situation and apply to be *reinstated. The board will hold a private discussion and vote, and will send it’s decision to you by email. *Depending upon the severity of reasons for blocking you, you may still not be reinstated.

We thank you for your participation and respect towards this page, the spirit of this page and to all our community neighbours.