At Home in Highlands

Enriching by welcoming

In 2016, a few neighbours began meeting for coffee around the topics of inclusivity, diversity and people living difficult circumstances. Since then, At Home in Highlands has evolved into a formal Community League initiative that intentionally cares for its neighbours and helps to welcome people of all walks of life into the neighbourhood. As a community, we believe that all people are intrinsically valuable with gifts, skills and experience to offer.


A neighbourhood that:

  • values inclusivity, diversity and hospitality
  • becomes more inclusive, diverse and hospitable by welcoming all, including those overcoming and emerging out of challenging life circumstances
  • in turn, thrives, grows stronger, more resilient, more connected and more self-sufficient

A well-connected neighbourhood naturally becomes aware of challenges that threaten the flourishing of any resident. At Home in Highlands promotes activities that build social connection so that social solutions can be found together for neighbours when they need them.

Highlands is fortunate to be home to Recovery Acres, a 34-bed residential recovery centre. Sustained recovery from addiction and/or homelessness often relies on stable housing and connectedness with neighbours and the community at large. At Home in Highlands works to provide both. In partnership with Recovery Acres, At Home in Highlands welcomes men and women wishing to make Highlands their permanent home following a significant period in recovery, valuing them as neighbours and offering support to both them and their landlords.

As barriers to welcoming are encountered, At Home in Highlands explores creative solutions. Efforts to identify new rental housing options and diversify the housing stock help to expand the affordability of living in Highlands. Animating the resourcefulness and social capacities of the neighbourhood can bring about social solutions within the neighbourhood and aid in bridging the social or economic gaps that often force people into the margins.

If you are (or know of) a Highlands landlord who might be interested in renting housing to individuals we welcome and support, please contact us at If you are interested in knowing more about At Home in Highlands or becoming involved, please contact us at the same email address.

For additional background information, see this overview document [PDF].

At Home in Highlands thanks the Highlands Community League Board members for their support.

At Home in Highlands also acknowledges the Community League’s commitment to connecting neighbours like us, on our blocks, and around our common interests. Without Highlands’ Abundant Community Edmonton initiative, we would not have met one another, and we would not have had the confidence to organize the neighbourhood’s care in a way that welcomes those who need a home like Highlands.

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