Hall Renewal

Building a Future for Highlands

Highlands has been an evolving community in the heart of Edmonton for more than 100 years, with an even longer history of communities thriving on its land. To celebrate this rich history and to ensure that future generations will continue to thrive, we are embarking on a community fundraising campaign to design and rebuild our community hall and grounds.

The current building, which has come to the end of it’s viable lifespan, will be retired and replaced with a multi-purpose, modern and accessible venue.  This new building will sustain the whole of the Highlands area for decades to come by encouraging a connected, active and healthy community.

The total anticipated budget is $2,900,000 with nearly $800,000 raised to date.

The fundraising challenge is real but the work and planning have been underway for some time. Building on previous work, the Highlands Community League Board has revitalized this fundraising initiative and developed a renewed capital fundraising plan.

We need your help

We have a unique opportunity now to create a space that will bring us all together. Join us in building a symbol of our inner strength and unity as a community. Your support will allow us to create a beautiful future in Highlands for all who live and visit here. 

For more information or to find out how you can help please contact us

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