Soccer update (April 2024)

Hello Highlands soccer families! Soccer starts soon! First games begin the week of April 29.

Things to note: 

*All kids need shin pads and runners (cleats aren’t required).*

U5 & U7: will receive soccer socks, shorts, a jersey and a ball as part of the TimBits program. 

U9 and above: will need their own socks and shorts, and will use a Highlands jersey for the season.  

Teams play on the following days of the week: 

U5: Mondays only (30 min practice and 30 min game) – April 29 first game
U7: Tuesdays only (30 min practice and 30 min game) – April 30 first game
U9: Games are on Sunday afternoons; practice as determined by the coaches – May 5 first game
U11: Games are on Wednesday evenings; practice as determined by the coaches  – May 1 first game

Check your email for a notification to download the RAMP app which will be the platform to chat with the coaches and parents, see the game schedule etc. You can see who else is on your child’s team now, as well as the coach. 

Families that have not finished their registration have not been added to teams. Parents/guardians need to finalize registration by Wednesday, April 24th. To arrange a time to finalize registration, contact Caitlin at

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