Highlands Community League AGM

Tuesday, June 6, 2017 

Registration – 6:30pm, 
meeting call to order – 7pm

HCL Hall 6112-113 Ave., upstairs

Highlands CL 2016-17 Audit           Highlands CL 2017 AGM Agenda-Draft

The Highlands community is invited to attend the AGM, Tuesday, June 6. This is a great opportunity to see how the league is doing, vote on a bylaw change regarding memberships, learn about its financial health/audit and vote on the coming fiscal year’s budget.  It’s a perfect opportunity to catch up on the news regarding the new hall build and welcome some special guests who will be presenting on other issues related to our community.

The AGM is also election time. Only HCL members with valid memberships will be allowed to vote and memberships will be available for purchase prior to the start of the meeting. Members in good standing are invited to join the league in a number of ways.

Help take us to our 100th birthday in 2021 and beyond!

For the Highlands Community League, it’s a big transition year. While some members have stepped down due to personal reasons, a number of our directors have reached the end of their volunteer term allotment (2yr terms, max 3X) and the league is sad to say goodbye to all of them.

Their dedicated contributions have helped build on the great work started by the first board 96 years ago and the continued growth provided by all the volunteers (both on and off the board) since.

Highlands Community League serves its community in a number of ways – from providing educational and sports-related programming to hosting social and cultural events. With community collaboration, the league also serves as the voice of the community on important civic matters that impact our community.

Now is the time for new community-minded neighbours to take up the torch and bring their fresh ideas, skills and dedication to the table. By becoming part of the league, you will help continue the building of a strong, diverse community that we are all proud of and one that’s welcoming to all.

Four ways to become part of the Highlands Community League

1) Join the board – Below is a list of positions that are open, please click on each to learn more. We have a number of people who have put their name forward already, but please note – all positions are open and we will take nominations from the floor. If you would like to put your name forward before the election, please send an email to president@highlandscommunity.ca


Vice president

Secretary  *current director will stand


Social & Events



Civic Affairs


2) Committee work – We know that not everyone wants to or is able to sit as a director, but they would still like to contribute in some way. While there still needs to be a league director, some of our positions are better served by committee such as civics, communications or social & events. Signing up for a committee might suit your personal situation much better. How does that look?

Social & Events is a classic example of being better served by committee. A number of existing activities fall under S&E: The Highlands Festive Season Potluck, Community League Day, the long standing Highlands KDays Pancake Breakfast, Pub Night and of course, Highlandia Fest, which has it’s own combined crew of both Highlands and Bellevue members. There’s also unexpected opportunities that pop up during the year. Being on the committee doesn’t mean you need to be involved in all the events. Are you are limited by time? The bi-monthly Pub Night might be the ideal sub-committee for you; together with a couple of other volunteers, you would help manage Pub Night for the league.

3) Become a general volunteer – General volunteers are invaluable to a community league and provide much needed support when it’s most needed. As a general volunteer, you sign up to help out at major events, etc.; could be just one event/activity or it could be more – the choice is yours.

4) Lead a program – Do you have a great idea for a program you think the community would love. Getting it started is as easy as putting a proposal together and connecting with the Program director. The League is happy to help in any way its able to help build strong, suitable programming for our community. Note: This same process applies to starting a community club.

We look forward to seeing our members and neighbours at the HCL AGM on June 6 and please – think about joining a great community team!

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