Highlands is getting new sign blades designed by you!

Every time you walk, run, stroller, bike or drive through Highlands, you look at a street sign. In Fall 2018, the community voted to upgrade our streetlights through Neighbourhood Renewal and with this upgrade comes the ability to design the sign blades as well (one of the many reasons the Community League Board was excited to support the decorative streetlights initiative).

So we’re going to. And we’re letting you guide us.

That’s right: *you* could choose the theme for our neighbourhood signs that a talented Highlands illustrator will bring to life. Not sure what I mean? Check out the story behind Bellevue’s sign blades.

In addition to bragging rights, we’re offering a modest prize for the idea that sparks the most joy in the hearts of our very special subcommittee (made up of HCL board members, representatives of the Highlands Historical Society and a few other key neighbourhood personalities).

Who: anyone! Young* or old, all Highlanders (those who live, work or play in Highlands- past, present or future) can throw an idea in the hat.
When: get cracking! We have deadlines to make. The contest will only be running for two weeks: March 15 until 11:59pm March 31.
How: fill out this form. That’s it, you’re in. Winner will be announced in April and the design unveiled in May.
Prize: the winner will receive $50, a Highlands Community League t-shirt, free family community league membership for the year and bragging rights.

Questions? Send them to civicaffairs@highlandscommunity.ca

*if you’re under 18 we’ll need parental details to confirm they know you’re a sign-theme genius.

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