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     Jan. 20, 2017 – The pool is busy with many new programmes and many lane swimmers. Our usership was up 18% in 2016. The staff and patrons continue to enjoy a family atmosphere as the pool continues to be a place for meeting friends and enjoying healthful activities. Check the City website for information on all available program. Some, like the Women’s Only Aquafit Program, are unique and exclusive to Eastglen. 
     Last summer the pool deck was cleaned up, beautified and in use for patrons and for rentals. This required some money and it was a great addition to Eastglen’s attraction. If you attend Eastglen regularly and wish to receive updates via email on What Happening at the facility please leave your name on a form that you can obtain from one of the Front Counter staff. 
2018 – 2038 Recreation Facility Master Plan
     The City is developing a visionary 20-year plan to direct development for both new and existing recreation facilities. The new plan will build on the success of the 2005-2015 Recreation Facility Master Plan.  Over a 10-year period, this plan directed more than a half billion dollars of new development, greatly enhancing Edmonton’s recreation infrastructure.The Recreation Facility Master Plan 2018-2038 will ensure that public recreation spaces and places continue to be accessible, welcoming and respond to community needs. The Plan will directed new development and renewal of Edmonton’s recreation infrastructure. See city website for more details.
Creating a Functional Program Report for Eastglen Leisure Centre
     During the Community Consultation completed in the Fall of 2015, Eastglen patrons and the Community provided input on physical modifications and improvements for the pool, the goal being to increase public use and attract more community use. Now the emphasis is on WHAT NEXT.
     A Functional Program Report is now being developed for Eastglen Leisure Centre. The Functional Program Report will provide design details on the functional and physical improvements identified by the community through the consultation process and guide future capital work planned for the facility. The Report will include design details for a larger hot tub, improved change rooms, and space for fitness equipment. This Report supports the capital profile that will be submitted as part of the City’s 10 Year Capital Investment Agenda.
     The Eastglen Engagement Committee met in November of 2016 and again on January 4 and 23 to discuss the Functional Program Report and provide input on additional public consultation planned over the next two months. We have set three dates for Open Houses and encourage patrons and the community to view the initial work on the Functional Program Report and provide your thoughts. 


eastglenThe dates are

Feb. 13, from 4pm to 8pm at the Thistle Curling Club
Feb.14, from 7am to Noon, and 7pm to 9pm at Eastglen Leisure Centre
Feb. 15, from 7am to Noon, 4pm to 5pm and 7pm to 9pm at Eastglen Leisure Centre

     City staff members will be at each Open house, and we encourage you to attend the Open Houses and provide comments on the initial work completed within the Functional Program report and ensure the pool is even better into the future.
     In the meantime, keep visiting Eastglen Leisure Centre. Check out new program, talk to others in the community about visiting the facility. If you have some suggestions for Eastglen, please send an email to Highlands Community League or leave suggestions with the Front Counter staff at Eastglen Leisure Centre. Consider renting the deck this summer for a birthday party, use it after a swim. If you didn’t get a chance to check the patio out last summer, there were umbrellas, flower planters, lovely furniture, lawn chairs etc. Summer isn’t so far away…

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