Hatha Yoga

Dorothy Robinson will lead participants through stretching, classic Hatha Yoga postures, combined with breathing exercises and meditation to make a well-rounded 1-½ hour class.

Dorothy was certified with Friedel Kattab School of Yoga in 2004. In January 2017 she received her Senior Teacher designation with the Yoga Association of Alberta.

All participants in the program must have a current EFCL Membership or HCL associate membership for insurance purposes. Memberships must be purchased before class. 


Yoga is a non-competitive form of exercise for all ages and levels of ability. It has many positive effects on the body. It increases flexibility, limbers the joints, increases lung capacity, encourages physical freshness, calms the mind and body thereby boosting the immune system and giving you a sense of well-being.

Yoga is particularly effective for those who have stiff joints, arthritis, high levels of stress in their daily life, etc. Classes offer gentle stretching, yoga postures, breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation. One works at their own level of ability, and there are always modifications that can be done to help one in the poses.

The principles of yoga are “sukha and sthira” which means stable and comfortable in Sanskrit.

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