Proposed zoning changes

Zoning determines what can be built where. The zoning of our neighborhood is proposed to be changed. This is the first major overhaul in over 60 years and it’s important you know about it.

The city survey is open for feedback until Sunday, July 30th

The proposed zoning of our neighborhood is the “Small Scale Residential Zone”. Here is the excerpt from the city proposal that describes the changes and the types of housing that will be permitted to be built on your lot.

(Download the pdf)

To learn more:

To share your feedback:

  1. Share feedback using the Ideas tool on Engaged Edmonton
  2. Email the Zoning Bylaw Renewal team at 
  3. Contact your city councilor, Ashley Salvador,

These channels will be available for feedback until July 30, 2023. After that, the team will continue to receive feedback until October 15. The public hearing for the Zoning Bylaw Renewal will be held on October 16, 2023.

An open online portal has also been created for Councillors to submit questions about the new zoning bylaw and to have the questions and answers posted publicly. This will be released by early August on the city’s website.

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