Do You Have a Skill, Gift or Ability That You Would Be Comfortable Using to Help Neighbours or The Neighbourhood?

What Makes a Great Neighbourhood?

What Else Can We Do to Make Our Neighbourhood a Great Place to Live?

What Activities Would You Like to Join in with Neighbours?

Do You Have Interests That You Would Value Discussing or Participating in with Neighbours?

Do You Have a Skill, Gift or Ability That You Would Be Comfortable Using to Help Neighbours or The Neighbourhood?

Are There Some Life Experiences That You Would Consider Sharing for the Benefit of Neighbours?



Highlands Block Connectors have been listening to their neighbours throughout the neighbourhood. One question they have been asking is “what skills, gifts, abilities, and experiences do you have to share?” The intent of these (this) questions is to create an inventory of residents’ gifts for others to access. The intention of the Highlands Community League is to use this list to encourage helpful neighbourly connections. If you haven’t had a chance to add a gift, skill, or experience to our neighbourhood inventory, please contact He will contact your Block Connector and put them in touch with you.

So this list below is for you as a resident of Highlands. If you see some help you need on this list, simply email and make your request known. The neighbours who have the gifts you are seeking will be notified, and will contact you if they are willing and able to help. For example, maybe your looking for someone to give you landscaping tips or you need help with a computer problem or you want to learn how to do stained glass. There are neighbours in our inventory who have said these are their gifts to the neighbourhood and so we can notified them and they will be in touch with you to see if their services are a match with your need. Some skills, gifts, and experiences may be paid arrangements, such as is often the case if you’re looking for a babysitter. However, the majority of gifts offered up for free from neighbours just looking to help create a caring and connected neighbourhood.

Here are the answers people in Highlands gave for the question “Do you have a skill, gift or ability that you would be comfortable using to help neighbours or the neighbourhood?”

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