Wine Survivor Fundaiser

Marilyn Wood sits at a table with a glass of wine.

The Wine Survivor Competition to raise money for a new Highlands hall is doing well. More than $4,000 in tickets have been sold or are in the hands of people who pledged to sell them.

Still, there is much work to be done to meet the 520-ticket target by the June 20 deadline. Marilyn Wood, team lead organizer of the Wine Survivor event, says selling those remaining tickets is the toughest job. She’s looking for people who will buy a ticket – or even better, take a set of five tickets and get their family, friends, and work colleagues in the game.

A project like this needs teamwork, Marilyn says. She is part of a small team of Highlanders helping her – people like co-chair Debbie Trinier, Jackie Krossa and Ken Knoll – but the team needs more.

Highlands Community League has been working for years to raise money to replace the current hall. Through casinos and other fundraising, there’s about $600,000 in the bank for the project. That’s a good start, but not nearly enough.

In the last year, community fundraising among Highlands residents has begun, and Marilyn has been a key part of it. She and Debbie as co-chairs organized the Chili Pub Night in late November – all profits went to the hall renewal. In January, there was a Robbie Burns Day pub night. Now, we have the Wine Survivor fundraiser.

Marilyn says plans are beginning for a new fundraising event in the fall. These efforts are not just about raising money, she says; they also show potential government and corporate donors that Highlands residents are doing their part to get a new hall. Event participation and fundraising success provide evidence that Highland residents are engaged and in support of a new hall for this community.

Anyone wondering why we need a new Highlands hall need only visit the current one. The main meeting room is up two long flights of stairs – difficult for many people, impossible for those with physical disabilities. The building is simply inadequate in design and space to meet the needs of a diverse and vibrant community.

Can you help Marilyn with the Wine Survivor fundraiser? Tickets are $35 each. Contact her by phone or text at 780-405-0835.
>> Read the full competition rules [pdf].

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